If you own any animals that feed on hay, you’ll need are liable hay bale supplier. For livestock owners, Colorado Hay Bales provides premium hay bales that are nutritious, affordable, and simply irresistible to animals. If you’re looking fora premium hay bale supplier, we’re ready to help you feed your animals with healthy natural hay.

Healthy Hay for Happy Animals

Not all hay is created equal. Our hay is grown high in Colorado’s Wet Mountain Valley, where it is fed by fresh mountain water. Our bales are harvested with extreme care and carefully cut and stored. As a result, you receive nothing but the freshest hay. Your animals deserve the best, and the best is what we deliver.

Our hay bales weigh 70-75 pounds each. We offer grass hay as well as alfalfa-grass mixtures of various ratios,

From 80/20 alfalfa/grass to 20/80 alfalfa/grass and some quantities of alfalfa. If you feed your animals our premium quality hay, you’ll notice a difference. We love animals as much as you do, and this passion is reflected in the quality of our hay.

Hay for a Number of Industries

Our hay is popular among a wide range of animal-owning industries. Whether you own a large business centered on your animals or you’re simply someone who owns and loves a horse, our premium-quality hay bales will ensure that your animal friends are well-nourished all year round.

Are you ready to order some premium hay bales for your home? Give Colorado Hay Bales a call today at 303-929-3033 to get started.