Our premium grass, alfalfa/grass mix and alfalfa is grown in the Wet Mountain Valley of Colorado, at an altitude of 6,800 feet, along the banks of the Huerfano River in Southern Colorado. The valley’s fertile soil beckoned Hispanic settlers in the late 1850’s and early 1860’s and has been producing great crops ever since.

We have small bales approximately 65 pounds each. Our hay is cut, stacked and stored in our hay barn to keep it fresh and dry.

We produce approximately 12,000 bales per year and we are committed to producing High Quality Premium bales with attention to every stage of the process.

   ***** Check out our strong Dairy One test results as well as our Instagram and craiglist pages !! *****

Premium quality small bales (65-75lbs) available now, grass, grass/alfalfa and alfalfa bales $13.50 – $15.00 per bale.

We have a limited Quantity and its in high demand. While Supplies last !

** Note: Discounts for semi-truck loads or greater will be available…

           Please contact Fred at 303-929-3033 or email us at                    coloradohaybales@gmail.com to place your order now. 

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